PBA266 Renaissance Bag


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Renaissance Bag


from byAnnie

The Renaissance Bag adds a little luxury to your daily routine!

Use a variety of ribbons and borders to make these simple, quick bags into exquisite masterpieces.  Renaissance Ribbon Bags are perfect for travel or everyday use and great for gifts, too!

You’ll love the extra-easy zipper installation and beautifully-finished interior — no unfinished seams and no bindings!
The flat-bottomed zippered pouches, in two sizes, stand up and open wide to keep all your essentials in one place.
Soft and Stable provides stability and gentle protection for contents.
Sizes are:
  • Small bag    5¾”H x 5½” to 7″W x 2″D
  • Large bag    5″H x 7½” to 10½”W x 3″D.
The exterior of the bags are made using ribbons and velvet border.   byAnnie recommends and uses ribbons and borders from Renaissance Ribbons.
Renaissance Ribbons’ exquisite woven jacquard ribbons and their beautiful velvet borders are packaged in 1 meter (approximately 39″) pieces.
With careful cutting, a 1-meter piece of each 1½”, ⅜”, and 5″ ribbon/border will make one small and one large bag.
Each bag uses just one side of a piece of zipper tape which means that one 30″ double-slide zipper will make both bags!


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Soft n Stable


30″ Zippers

Lightweight mesh

Fold Over Elastic

Slicker Iron on Vinyl

1/2 Inch Hardware

1 Inch Hardware

1 1/2 Inch Hardware



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