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Hello Everyone and welcome to our Online Store

After a long history in Mt Eliza, our beautiful shopfront store has now closed, but I am now making sure all of the goodies that I had in store are now available here Online.

2019 Happy New Year!!

Starting The Bean Stalk Baby Blanket Pattern

The Bean Stalk Baby Blanket Pattern by Robyn Rich

The Bean Stalk Baby Blanket Pattern by Robyn Rich

I hope Santa brought you lots of goodies over the Festive season and that the New Year brings good health, happiness and an ample amount of time to work on all your projects!!

Apart from the obvious New Years Resolution of getting all of your projects finished, perhaps a more practical Resolution would be to not start another one until you finish one!! 

What excellent motivation to get that last little tricky bit done!

Click HERE for more info on The Bean Stalk Baby Blanket Pattern available


Enter into my Store to see some of the fabulous projects I have for your stitching pleasure and of course I still have a wonderful  assortment of threads, kits  and treasures for your stash or current project available 

Feel free to  drop me an email if you can’t see something I used to stock at the shop and I will get back to you about it……..

(it may just be that I haven’t added it to the Online Store yet….)

Please also let me know if something is not working so I can fix it….!

I am looking forward to renewing friendships and providing you with the help and service that I loved when I had the shop at Mt Eliza.   Jennifer