byAnnie 1″ Bag Fittings


The byAnnie 1″ Bag Fittings add a professional finish to all of your Bags and purses  and enable adjustable straps and handles.

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byAnnie 1″ Bag Fittings

The byAnnie 1″ Bag Fittings add a professional finish to all of your Bags and purses or other accessories.

The Swivel Hooks prevent your handles from getting tangled and twisted whilst the other Fittings enable adjustable straps and handles.
The byAnnie hardware is beautifully finished, not simply die cast or bent wire. This results in smooth lines, no rough edges and a truly high-quality look and feel.

You’ll love how they embellishes your bag and add that professional finish.

These alloy Fittings are available in either Antique Brass, Nickel and Black in color and have an opening for a 1″ strap.

Other byAnnie products also available are:

byAnnie Packs of 12  Zipper Pulls in either Darks or Lights

byAnnie 1/2 inch Swivel Hooks

byAnnie 1 1/2″ Bag Fittings

byAnnie Other Bag Fittings

byAnnie Fold Over Elastic available by the metre

byAnnie Lightweight Mesh  available in the following shades:

  • Apple Green
  • Atom Red
  • Black
  • Blastoff Blue
  • Dandelion (yellow)
  • Lipstick (pink)
  • Natural
  • Navy
  • Parrot Blue
  • Pewter
  • Pumpkin (orange)
  • Tahiti (purple)
  • Turquoise
  • White

1 Inch Fittings

HAR1-DR-AB-2 1" Antique Brass D Ring Flat, HAR1-DR-N-2 1" Nickel D Ring Flat, HAR1-DR-BM-2 1" Black Metal D Ring Flat, HAR1-RR-AB-2 1" Antique Brass Rectangle Ring Flat, HAR1-RR-N-2 1" Nickel Rectangle Ring Flat, HAR1-RR-BM-2 1" Black Metal Rectangle Ring Flat, HAR1-SL-AB-2 1" Antique Brass – Slider Wide mouth, HAR1-SL-N-2 1" Nickel – Slider Wide mouth, HAR1-SL-BM-2 1" Black Metal – Slider Wide mouth, HAR1-SW-AB-2 1" Antique Brass Swivel Snap Hook, HAR1-SW-N-2 1" Nickel Swivel Snap Hook, HAR1-SW-BM-2 1" Black Metal Swivel Snap Hook, HAR1-TR-AB-2 1" Antique Brass Triangle Ring, HAR1-TR-N-2 1" Nickel Triangle Ring, HAR1-TR-BM-2 1" Black Metal Triangle Ring, HAR1BSet1700 1"Black Hardware Set, HAR1-STA-B-2 1" Black Strap Adjuster


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