PBA107 Thread Dispenser/Sewing Case II


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Thread Dispenser/Sewing Case II

from byAnnie

Make yourself or your sewing friends the Thread Dispenser/Sewing Case II and there will never  be anymore tangled jumbles of thread when  you use these handy thread cases.

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Special slots in each pocket enable you to easily thread a needle without removing the spools from their pockets and keep everything neat as a pin.  No more tangled jumbles of thread when you make and use these handy thread cases.

The large case has four see-through pockets which hold up to 48 spools of thread as well as a larger pocket for scissors, needles, and other supplies. The 10″ x 30″ organizer neatly folds to a compact 8″ x 10″.

Perfect for individual projects, the small case holds up to 12 spools of thread and folds to measure 5″ x 5″. Directions are given for a standing case as well as a version that folds flat.

NOTE: The instructions in this pattern include rounding some corners and recommend using a circular object of a specific size. Click HERE for a PDF file with templates for circles in the recommended sizes for this pattern and more.

**This pattern was originally sold under the title Thread Dispenser/Sewing Case 2.0.  ByAnnie.com changed the name to Thread Dispenser/Sewing Case II in Jan. 2021 to promote more consistency in our pattern catalog. There was no substantial change to the pattern itself.**

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Soft n Stable


30″ Zippers

Lightweight mesh

Fold Over Elastic

Slicker Iron on Vinyl

1/2 Inch Hardware

1 Inch Hardware

1 1/2 Inch Hardware



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