DMC Satin Thread

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DMC Satin Thread is a shiny thread which can highlight and bring out the exceptional beauty and sheen to all stitching projects.

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DMC Satin Thread

 Available in 8m Skeins

DMC Satin Thread is a shiny radiant thread available in 60 stunning colors and is made from 100% rayon fibers which brings out the exceptional beauty and sheen to all stitching projects.

Satin Thread is the shiniest DMC thread available and it glides easily through fabric.

DMC Satin is a highly lustrous, 6 size 25 easily separated strands which can be easily included  into your embroidery or craft projects which will add a subtle highlight to your stitching by combining one strand of stranded cotton with one strand of Satin Thread or for a more vibrant look, replace DMC Satin for its matching shade in Stranded Cotton.  DMC Satin uses the same color numbering system as DMC Stranded Cotton.  There is simply an “S” prefix in front of the color number.  For example, the popular color number 310 in DMC Cotton Floss has a corresponding color number S310 in Satin Thread.

Click HERE to see the matching DMC Stranded Cotton range.

 Available in 8m Skeins

This beautiful fiber is particularly striking when used as an accent to other DMC threads in cross-stitch, embroidery and all types of creative stitchery.

For easier handling, and greater control, try using a shorter than normal length of thread (30cm), try dampening DMC Satin with a moist cloth before you thread your needle. If the thread becomes twisted while you stitch, simply drop your needle and let it unwind.   Another easy way of keeping this shiny thread under control, is by using a thread conditioner called Thread Heaven.  Simply run your thread through this product and start stitching.

Please refer to the DMC Satin shade color so you can view it on the DMC Color Chart

For a more modern look, experiment with a combination of threads and textures. Using matching colors in different mediums lets you introduce texture into your work.  We also offer the complete ranges of:

Perhaps also consider using colored background fabrics in non traditional colors for a more dramatic and inspiring piece of work.

If you are a bit daunted by the prospect of using DMC Satin, try watching this instructional video by Pyrex Stitches which demonstrates some tips and tricks for using this wonderful thread.

Shade No:

S211, S307, S310, S321, S326, s336, S3371, S351, S352, S3607, S367, S3685, S3820, S414, S415, S434, S469, S471, S472, S501, S504, S5200, S550, S552, S553, S601, S602, S606, S666, S676, S700, S702, S712, S726, S738, S739, S741, S744, S745, S762, S776, S797, S798, S799, S800, S818, S820, S841, S898, S899, S909, S915, S931, S932, S943, S959, S964, S976, S991, S995

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  1. Jillian (verified owner)

    Lovely thread but my first time using it. Very different but getting used to it!

    Image #1 from Jillian
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