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Mogear Mohair Threads


Mogear Mohair is a soft, beautiful  yarn all types of fine wool and crewel embroidery.

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Mogear Mohair Threads

8m per Skein

Mogear Mohair Threads are soft, beautiful mohair yarns for all types of fine wool and crewel embroidery to add a soft textured finish to your project.

Mogear Gossamer is a soft, beautiful mohair yarn all types of fine wool and crewel embroidery while the Mogear Silky is more suited to a textured finish.

Mogear Mohair are available in 90 hand dyed shades in three types of mediums, Gossamer thread,  Silky thread and Double Silky thread.   Both the Gossamer and Silky threads are available in the same color range which includes 68 solid colors and 22 variegated colors.  The thread length for solid colors is 10 metres and the variegated colors are 8 metres in length.

The Mogear Gossamer  range of threads are a 2 ply 100% kid mohair which is used more often in patterns that the Mogear Silky.

NB: If a pattern doesn’t specify which type of Mogear thread is required it will almost always refer to the Mogear Gossamer thread.

The Mogear Silky range of threads are a range of  3-4 Ply blend of 70% mohair and 30% wool mixed thread that comes in the same color range as the Gossamer which is more suited to textured or less fine embroidery.

Click HERE to see the Mogear Mohair Colour Chart

Please note that online Color Chart  should only be used as a general guideline to allow for screen variances


Current availability of each shade is specified when you select a Shade number

For a more modern look, why not experiment and use complimentary colors in either solid or variegated threads in different mediums, which will introduce texture into your work. Showcase your project even further by using either white or colored backgrounds.

If you would like to add some additional texture and dimension to your work by mixing up your thread finishes and sizes, we are also able to offer the complete range of:

Please Click HERE to see a super easy video on embroidering bullion roses  onto a woollen garment.

Mohair Shade

2 Pearl Gossamer, 2 Pearl Silky, 3 Silver Gossamer, 3 Silver Silky, 4 Charcoal Gossamer, 4 Charcoal Silky, 5 Sunshine Gossamer, 5 Sunshine Silky, 6 Buttercup Gossamer, 6 Buttercup Silky, 7 Wattle Gossamer, 7 Wattle Silky, 8 Orange Gossamer, 8 Orange Silky, 9 Apricot Gossamer, 9 Apricot Silky, 10 Peach Gossamer, 10 Peach Silky, 11 Tomato Gossamer, 11 Tomato Silky, 11a Ripe Tomato Gossamer, 11a Ripe Tomato Silky, 12 Watermelon Gossamer, 12 Watermelon Silky, 13 Rockmelon Gossamer, 13a Pale Rockmelon Double, 13a Pale Rockmelon Silky, 14 Salmongum Gossamer, 14 Salmongum Silky, 15 Rose Gossamer, 15 Rose Silky, 15a Pale Rose Gossamer, 15a Pale Rose Silky, 16 Cylamen Gossamer, 16 Cyclamen Silky, 17 Teatree Gossamer, 17 Teatree Silky, 17a Pale Teatree Gossamer, 17b Teatree Shades Gossamer, 17b Teatree Silky, 18 Raspberry Gossamer, 18 Raspberry Silky, 18a PrunusGossamer, 19 Plum Gossamer, 19 Plum Silky, 19a Plum Shades Gossamer, 19a Plum Shades Silky, 20 Quince Gossamer, 20 Quince Silky, 21 Violet Gossamer, 21 Voilet Silky, 21a Deep Violet Gossamer, 21a Deep Violet Double, 22 Hibiscus Gossamer, 22 Hibiscus Silky, 22 Hibiscus Double, 23 Lavender Gossamer, 24 Boronia Mix Gossamer, 25 Indigo Gossamer, 25 Indigo Silky, 25a Dark Indigo Gossamer, 26 Mintbush Gossamer, 26 Mintbush Silky, 27 Marine Gossamer, 27 Marine Silky, 28 Cornflower Gossamer, 28 Cornflower Double, 29 Harebell Gossamer, 29 Harebell Silky, 30 Blueberry Gossamer, 30 Bluebell Silky, 30a Sun Orchid Gossamer, 31 Kingfisher Gossamer, 32 Iceberg Gossamer, 32 Iceberg Silky, 33 Tarragon Gossamer, 33 Tarragon Silky, 34 Applegum Silky, 35 Cootamundra Gossamer, 35 Cootamundra Silky, 36 Sage Gossamer, 36 Sage Silky, 37 Sheoak Gossamer, 38 Avocado Gossamer, 38 Avocado Silky, 39 Olive Silky, 40 Olivette Silky, 40/41 Ghostgum Gossamer, 41 Logwood Silky, 42 Driftwood Gossamer, 42 Driftwood Silky, 42a Ivory Gossamer, 43 Wattlebark Silky, 44 Tanbark Gossamer, 44 Tanbark Silky, 45 Paw Paw Gossamer, 45 Paw Pay Silky, 46 Hollyhock Gossamer, 48 Lucerne Gossamer, 48 Lucerne Silky, 49 Lavender Patch Gossamer, 49a Violet Patch Gossamer, 51 Delphinium Gossamer, 52 Pomegranate Gossamer, 53 Gold Gossamer, 53 Gold Silky, 54 Forest Gossamer, 55 Eucalypt Silky, 56 Grotto Silky, 57 Autumn Gossamer, 58 Hyacinth Gossamer, 59 Blue Lily Gossamer, 59 Blue Lily Silky, 60 Lilac Shades Gossamer, 61 Daffodil Gossamer, 61 Daffodil Silky, 62 Mushroom Gossamer, 62 Mushroom Silky, 63 Copper Silky, 64 Nutmeg Silky, 66 Waratah Gossamer, 69 Gum Blossom Gossamer, 70 Petunia Gossamer, 71 Bluebell Gossamer, 72 Forget Me Not Gossamer, 73 Wallaby Gossamer, 74 Rainbow Gossamer


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