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Discontinued DMC Tapestry Wools


Please see below for further details.

Discontinued DMC Tapestry Wools

Art 486

8m Skeins

Editors Note:

These Discontinued DMC Tapestry Wools skeins are the older discontinued shades which are no longer current or available at your usual DMC retailer.

I have added these Discontinued DMC Tapestry Wool skeins as I receive numerous calls from customers who are trying to finish an older project and need just a bit more of a colors that they find are no longer commercially  available.

Good Luck , I hope you find just the right color to finish off that project,   Jennifer

PS:  Please note, that older discontinued shades DO NOT appear on the Colour Charts supplied below.

Click HERE to see the current range of DMC Tapestry Wool

DMC Tapestry Wool is ideal for Tapestry, Bargello, Jacobean embroidery and all other canvas work projects.

It  is a soft,  smooth,  non-divisible yarn made of 100% virgin wool (which is endorsed by the Woolmark) which makes it an easy yarn to use.   Tapestry Wool by DMC is available in 8m skeins in a vibrant color palette of 390 shades.   These 4 Ply skeins ensure  that there would be  something suitable for all of your canvas and  needlework needs.

Subtle or bold colours shades can be used confidently to create statement pieces which can compliment your decor and turn your projects into family favorites.

Made in France.

Click HERE to see the current range of DMC Tapestry Wool

Needle size recommended for DMC 4 Ply Tapestry Wool is a Size 18 Tapestry Needle for canvas or tapestry work.

Editors Note: DMC Colour Charts are NOT  in numeric order but in color waves.

I have added in a broad shade range description in the Colour Chart titles below to try and help you locate the colours you are looking for.

Color Charts are listed over 5 pages so you are able to really see what the colors are like, however please note that online Color Charts  should only be used as a general guideline to allow for screen variances

DMC Colour Chart Shades 7106-7319  Reds to vibrant Purples

DMC Colour Chart Shades 7800-7540 Purples to Blues to Greens

DMC Colour Chart Shades 7040-7490 Greens to Yellow to Browns

DMC Colour Chart Shades 7491-7169  Browns to Oranges to Mauves

DMC Colour Chart Shades 7179-7282  Mauves to Browns to Greys to Black

DMC 4 Ply Tapestry Wool

7102, 7103, 7115, 7137, 7146, 7146, 7155, 7167, 7198, 7208, 7208, 7209, 7211, 7213, 7215, 7215, 7219, 7224, 7228, 7247, 7259, 7270, 7238, 7293, 7295, 7300, 7309, 7345, 7354, 7373, 7393, 7394, 7399, 7401, 7434, 7437, 7448, 7449, 7450, 7451, 7474, 7496, 7512, 7523, 7529, 7529, 7590, 7595, 7595, 7602, 7619, 7677, 7678, 7679, 7680, 7681, 7692, 7700, 7701, 7743, 7781, 7782, 7784, 7786, 7791, 7833, 7846, 7875, 7916, 7925, 7930, 7943, 7950, 7951, 7954, 7961


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