PBA244 All Aboard Train Cases


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All Aboard Train Cases

from byAnnie

The trio of All About Train Cases will suit your travel needs whether you are globetrotting or touring closer to home.

You’ll love these stylish cases for carrying cosmetics, jewellery, first aid supplies, and more.

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Using one, two or all three of these cases will make it easy to keep your goodies organized and easily accessible.  Contents are easy to see and access with the top openings.   Train Cases have been traditionally used for cosmetics and toiletries but don’t be limited for just those types of items, they are perfect for keeping goods together and easy to grab in a rush.    Having flexible sizes are perfect for packing children’s belongings or keeping their favorite toys together either in transit or just at home.

Of course, you can just use them for your beauty supplies on the go and look stylish while doing so!

Use the larger case for extended vacations and the smaller cases for a quick weekend getaway.  Throw in your glam and you’re ready to go anywhere!

The small train case measures 5.5″D x 8.5″L x 2.75″H.

The medium is 6.5″D x 9.5″L x 4″H.

The large case measures 7.5″D x 10.5″L x 6.5″H.

Soft and Stable® provides great body and stability and ensures that the Traincases hold their shape.

NOTE: The instructions in this pattern include rounding some corners and recommend using a circular object of a specific size. Click HERE for a PDF file with templates for circles in the recommended sizes for this pattern and more.

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Soft n Stable


30″ Zippers

Lightweight mesh

Fold Over Elastic

Slicker Iron on Vinyl

1/2 Inch Hardware

1 Inch Hardware

1 1/2 Inch Hardware



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