PBA239 Quick Zip Cases


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Quick Zip Cases

from byAnnie

The Quick Zip Cases are Quick and easy to make, these handy little zippered cases are perfect to store and carry quilting supplies, art supplies, knitting needles, crochet hooks, and  lots more.

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The small case is perfect for rotary cutters, chalk markers, scissors, and more.

The long case is sized to carry longer items such as tube turning tools and bodkins.

SMALL: 2½”H x 2½”W x 8½”D

LARGE: 2¾”H x 2¾”W x 10½”D

Each pocket has a zipper closure — no need to worry about things falling out!

You’ll love these pretty little cases for carrying cosmetics, jewellery, first aid supplies, and more.


We prefer to use handbag zippers in these bags because of the extra width on the zipper tape and their durability. One 30” double-slide zipper will make both bags.

To use: Move one pull to each end of the zipper. Mark a line across the zipper tape 14” from the zipper stop on the bottom. Stitch across the tape along the marked line; stitch another line ¼” away from the first line. Cut the zipper between the stitched lines to make one 14” and one 16” zipper.

Click HERE if you would like to see a video by Annie from byAnnie talking about making these Quick Zip Cases.

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Soft n Stable


30″ Zippers

Lightweight mesh

Fold Over Elastic

Slicker Iron on Vinyl

1/2 Inch Hardware

1 Inch Hardware

1 1/2 Inch Hardware



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