Zipper Pulls 12 Pack


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Zipper Pulls 12 Pack

from byAnnie

The byAnnie Zipper Pulls in the convenient 12 Packs are exactly what you need if you require an extra pull to mix and match for the perfect color combination for your project!

You could also use either the Darks or Brights packet of Zipper Pulls as a useful tool to consider which Zipper colour could suit your project the best!

Please Click HERE to view the byAnnie Zipper Colour Card

Please note: online Color Charts  should only be used as a general guideline to allow for screen variances

These extra-long #4.5 pulls make your bag or purse easy to open. It’s also very easy to insert a fabric zipper pull in the large opening of the one-piece zipper pull.
The 12 Packs of byAnnie Zipper Pulls are available in two varieties, Brights OR Darks.

Bright 12 Pack includes the following colours:

  • ZIPPULL-190  Buttercup
  • ZIPPULL-195  Dandelion
  • ZIPPULL-200  Apple Green
  • ZIPPULL-212  Turquoise
  • ZIPPULL-214  Parrot Blue
  • ZIPPULL-215  Blastoff Blue
  • ZIPPULL-245  Tahiti
  • ZIPPULL-250  Lipstick
  • ZIPPULL-252  Raspberry
  • ZIPPULL-255  Crazy Plum
  • ZIPPULL-260  Atom Red
  • ZIPPULL-287  Pumpkin

Dark 12 Pack includes the following colours:

  • ZIPPULL-105  Black
  • ZIPPULL-203  Jewel Green
  • ZIPPULL-204  Emerald
  • ZIPPULL-210  Twilight
  • ZIPPULL-225  Cobalt
  • ZIPPULL-235  Navy
  • ZIPPULL-240  Eggplant
  • ZIPPULL-258  Wild Plum
  • ZIPPULL-265  Hot Red
  • ZIPPULL-270  Cranberry
  • ZIPPULL-285  Tangerine
  • ZIPPULL-290  Papaya

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Click here for a video tutorial showing how to attach an extra zipper pull to leftover zipper tape to make a “free” zipper.

For the complete series of zipper tutorials, click here: Zippers Are Easy! Tutorials
Zipper Inventory Form
Download this Excel spreadsheet to keep track of your zipper inventory and make ordering extra-easy! Note that there are separate tabs at the bottom for each size/type of zipper as well as zipper pulls.

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Zipper Pull 12 Pack

Brights, Darks


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