Anchor Marlitt Rayon Thread

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Anchor Marlitt is a 4 ply, stranded embroidery thread with a lovely high lustrous finish which is suitable for all types of embroidery.

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Anchor Marlitt

Rayon Thread

Anchor Marlitt Rayon Thread is a 4 ply, stranded embroidery thread with a lovely high lustre which is suitable for all types of embroidery.  It is made from 100% viscose/rayon which produces the high silk like sheen in 90 super rich colors on 10m skeins.  

Anchor Marlitt Rayon Thread can also be stranded down to 1 ply depending on the project you are working on.   In store, we often added it to stranded cotton to highlight or add emphasis to a particular part of an embroidery.   It can of course, just be your chosen medium for a project which will resulting in the most beautiful silk-like finish.

Anchor Marlitt Rayon Thread s a beautiful fiber and is particularly striking when used as an accent to other DMC threads in cross-stitch, embroidery and all types of creative stitchery.
Editors Note:  Rayon or Silk threads  can be a bit tricky to work with but my in store teachers used to recommend the following tips for working with it:
  • Use a shorter length of thread than you would use with traditional embroidery thread  i.e. 30cm
  • Run under a warm iron to even out any kinks and minimize twists or tangles
  • Use a thread conditioner (we used to use Thread Heaven) to minimize twisting or fraying  Simply run your thread through this product and start stitching

Click HERE to see the Anchor Marlitt Rayon Thread Color Chart

Please note: that online Color Charts  should only be used as a general guideline to allow for screen variances

Click HERE if you would like to see a short video on how to do silk shading in long and short stitch by Sarah Homfray.

Learn the principles of silk shading embroidery with this beautiful little Pansy designed and stitched by

 by Sarah Homfray, a graduate of The Royal School of Needlework 3-year apprenticeship.

Sarah talks you through all you need to know about silk shading and long and short stitch!

Shade Color:

800, 801, 810, 811, 812, 813, 814, 815, 816, 817, 819, 820, 821, 822, 826, 827, 830, 831, 832, 834, 835, 836, 838, 839, 842, 844, 845, 846, 848, 850, 852, 853, 854, 857, 858, 859, 863, 864, 867, 868, 869, 870, 872, 879, 881, 893, 894, 895, 897, 1001, 1003, 1007, 1009, 1011, 1012, 1013, 1017, 1019, 1029, 1030, 1032, 1033, 1034, 1036, 1037, 1039, 1040, 1042, 1044, 1045, 1052, 1053, 1055, 1056, 1058, 1059, 1066, 1067, 1069, 1072, 1077, 1078, 1079, 1140, 1207, 1209, 1211, 1212, 1213, 1214

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    Very pleased with the colour range

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