Sewline Accessories


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Sewline Accessories


The Sewline range of products have been initiated, designed, developed by sewing craft teachers and quilt makers especially for use in crafts and quilting.         The manufacturers of the Sewline range are highly reputed and create products and components for leading world brands of writing instruments and stationery products and quality is assured.

These innovative and effective products have made Sewline a respected brand within the sewing crafts guilds in the USA, Europe, the UK, South Africa, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Sewline Stain Maid Orange Oil Crayon

 Sewline StainMaid is a blend of orange oil and natural ingredients with a proven ability to dissolve and effectively lift oil-based stains, grease, inks, blood, lipstick, coffee and tea to name just a few.

A handy and convenient crayon pack which is easy to have on hand and apply as soon as needed, directly to the stain.   Great for removing machine oil from fabrics.  Patch testing recommended

Sewline – Ceramic lead refill packs

Fabric Pencil Leads – 6x Ceramic Leads – 0.9mm  – suitable for use with the Sewline fabric pencil, Trio and Trio Colors.

Available in White, Green, Pink , Black and variety packs.

Sewline Fabric Pencil Eraser Refill Sticks

Sewline Fabric Pencil Eraser Refill Sticks for the Sewline Fabric Eraser.   2 Refill Sticks in Pouch

Sewline Accessories

Sewline Orange Oil Crayon, Sewline Fabric Pencil Leads – Black, Sewline Fabric Pencil Leads – White, Sewline Fabric Pencil Leads – Green, Sewline Fabric Pencil Leads – Pink, Sewline Fabric Eraser Refills


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