Trinket Bowl & Doily Kit

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Trinket Bowl & Doily Kit

A Brazilian Embroidery Kit

by Blackberry Lane

Embroidery kits designed by Delma Moore

    The Trinket Bowl & Doily Kit is a lovely kit to make an embroidered doily with a matching trinket bowl showcasing a floral design using Brazilian Embroidery stitches.

Brazilian Embroidery is always done with rayon embroidery floss, which is a z-twisted floss with a very high sheen. Stitches commonly used in Brazilian Embroidery include bullion knots, French knots, cast-on stitch, drizzle stitch, and pretty much any stitch that can be used to produce dimensional floral elements.

This kit  has been rated as suitable for an Intermediate stitcher however it would make an enjoyable project for the brave novice through to the more experienced stitcher.

It would also be a suitable gift  for the more discerning stitcher who likes a variety of projects to work on.

Design No: 139

Doily Design Size: 15.5cm x 16cm

Trinket Bowl Design Size : 9cm x 7cm

Trinket Bowl & Doily Kit contains:

  • 2 x Printed fabric design 34cm x 34cm
  • Full Skeins of required Edmar Yarn
  • Lace Embellishment for Doily
  • Needles
  • Easy to follow step by step instructions with illustrations

Designed, printed & packaged in Australia

Although many of these stitches are used in other forms of embroidery, the technique used to create them is slightly different. The difference is caused by the method used to manufacture the rayon thread. For example, cotton thread uses an S twist when the fiber plies are combined into a strand. Rayon thread uses a Z twist. One type of twist turns the fiber plies clockwise; the other turns them counterclockwise. When forming the knots of Brazilian embroidery, the embroiderer must wrap the thread onto the needle in the opposite direction from that used in other types of embroidery, otherwise the fibers of the thread will unravel and make the resulting stitches and knots unattractive.

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Please click HERE if you would like a detailed explanation and history of Brazilian Embroidery From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



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