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Iris Wearing Rubies Panel and Pattern


TheIris Wearing Rubies Panel and Pattern makes up into a large bouquet of Ruby colored Iris’s.

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Iris Wearing Rubies Panel and Pattern

by Bev Tully Embroidery

The Iris Wearing Rubies Panel and Pattern includes both the Pattern and  hand painted panel to complete a large, stunning bouquet of Ruby colored Iris’s, looking freshly picked from your garden.

This Iris Pattern combines the choice of completing the Iris Panel with specific thread and ribbon suggestions, instructions and illustrated placement of flowers, leaves and stems or could just be used more as a guide for the more experience stitcher who prefers a freehand embroidery style determined by your own creativity.   This method of ribbon embroidery showcases the hand painted panel and gives real dimension to the piece.  Far more effective than just embroidering over a pre-printed panel.

 The Iris’s Wearing Rubies Panel and Pattern would be suited to both the experienced stitcher or a brave beginner with tuition!

**Hand Painted Background Panel by Bev Tully included**

  The Iris’s Wearing Rubies Pattern includes some simple suggested stitching instructions and thread and ribbon recommendations as follows:

*approximate suggested usage only

These instructions and colours could easily be adapted for the Yellow Iris Hand Painted Panel or the Purple Iris’s Hand Painted Panel

The Iris Panel is not a difficult project but to maintain the integrity of the intended pattern, a true dedication to ”less is more” way of thinking will give you the intended and desired result.  As each panel is hand painted, some slight variations in design may occur.

Click HERE to view a short video for Ribbon Embroidery for Beginners

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