Pellon Vilene Fusible Lightweight Wadding

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Pellon Vilene Fusible

 Lightweight Wadding


This easy to work with Pellon Vilene Lightweight Wadding is a non-woven interfacing that will help garments look stiffer and hold their shape.   Use for light weight volume in jackets, coats and craft work.   Suitable for all-round application in thermal garments and craft work projects.   Easy to use just by ironing onto the back of your fabric using a low heat.

 Pellon Vilene Fusible Lightweight Wadding is 90cm wide and is sold in 1 metre lengths.

Order 1 quantity and  your Pellon will measure 90cm x 1 metre, order 2 quantities and your Pellon will measure 90cm  x  metre and so on.

Width: 90cm
Color: White
Code: 248
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Why we use Interfacing, from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Interfacing is a textile used on the unseen or “wrong” side of fabrics to make an area of a garment more rigid.

Interfacings can be used to:[1]

  • stiffen or add body to fabric, such as the interfacing used in shirt collars
  • strengthen a certain area of the fabric, for instance where buttonholes will be sewn
  • keep fabrics from stretching out of shape, particularly knit fabrics

Interfacings come in a variety of weights and stiffnesses to suit different purposes. They are also available in different colours,[1] although typically interfacing is white. Generally, the heavier weight a fabric is, the heavier weight an interfacing it will use. Interfacing is sold at fabric stores by the yard or metre from bolts, similar to cutting fabric. Sewing patterns specify if interfacing is needed, the weight of interfacing that is required, and the amount. Some patterns use the same fabric as the garment to create an interfacing, as with sheer fabrics.[2]

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