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L’Ecaille de Tortue Tapestry Kit


The L’Ecaille de Tortue or Tortoise Shell Cat is looking up adoringly, ready to be picked up for a cuddle.

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The L’Ecaille de Tortue Tapestry Kit

by Margot Creations de Paris

** Vintage Canvas – some slight marks on canvas outside of the design boundaries**

The L’Ecaille de Tortue Tapestry  or as translated, the Tortoise Shell Cat, is simply irresistible.  Look at how the Kitten is looking up adoringly, ready to be picked up for a cuddle.

This Kit would make the perfect gift for the Cat lover in your life, or just for yourself.

The Tortoise Shell Cat Kit Tapestry Kit would be the perfect project for a beginner to do in half a cross stitch.

Design Size: 22cm x 30cm

Canvas Size: 30cm x 40cm

Design is printed on Brown 100% Cotton Penelope Canvas

Made in France

The L’Ecaille de Tortue Tapestry contains:

  • Quality Margot printed canvas
  • Quality 4 Ply Tapestry Wool**
  • Size 20 Needle
  • Beginners stitching instructions for completing in Half Cross Stitch

** Quantities included are for completion in Half Cross Stitch**

The L’Ecaille de Tortue Tapestry would also  look lovely completed in DMC or Anchor 6 Stranded Embroidery Cotton.

For the experienced stitcher, what about doing the eyes especially in Petite Point in Rajmahal Silk* or Anchor Marlitt* to add some sheen and focus to the picture?

*PLEASE NOTE – Not included in Kit

Editors Note: For a more modern look, experiment with a combination of threads and textures. Variegated threads can add interest as can metallic, rayon or silk threads for that added sheen and sparkle.  Using matching colors in different mediums lets you introduce texture into your work.   Perhaps consider some textured stitches??

To complete the look, we offer the following complete ranges:

If you are anxious about starting a Tapestry, or would just like some added information, you can find some helpful tips from DMC HERE


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